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John Jacobsen

Jeanie Stahl

Current White Oak Institute initiatives include:

  • Key Indicators and Ratios Benchmarking Calculator (Project led by the Association of Children’s Museums with support from The White Oak Institute). Funded by the Institute of Museum and Library Services. Completed December, 2012
  • Digital Immersive Giant Screen Specifications (DIGSS) and Digital Immersive Screen Colloquium for Unified Standards and Specifications (DISCUSS) (with the GSCA, Institute for Learning Innovation, the LF Examiner and the MacGillivray Freeman Films Educational Foundation). Funded by the National Science Foundation. Completed March, 2012.
  • The Museum Operating Data Standards (MODS) Initiative, in partnership with the American Association of Museums (AAM) (in progress)
  • Recommended Data Collection Fields for Museums Count: The IMLS National Museum Census. The Institute of Museum and Library Services selected WOI and our sub-contractor AAM in a national RFP. (completed, March 2011)
  • The Museum Landscape Exploration Initiative (MLExI): An as yet unfunded initiative to advance knowledge about the ISE museum sector as a national generator of public impact and value.
  • ISE Museum Indicators of Impact and Performance Indicators (MIIP). An as yet unfunded initiative to explore developing an integrated and shareable menu of indicators for measuring a museum’s impact, operations and performance.